Food Hunter

Adding users

Let's add users for our system
Go to Firebase console and in authentication menu item. Click "Get Started"
Select "Email/Password" in list.
Click on Email/Password
Select first switch and click "Save"
Then, go to users tab and click "Add user".
Click on "Add user"
Set login and password.
Fill email and password and then click "Add user"
Add at least 2 users.
Then, login by this users in our system on localhost. After login will automatically create users collection in database.

Setting roles

Go to Cloud Firestore in Firebase console and to users collection. add role field with "admin" or "owner" string value.
Select "Add field"
Fill data in form as following:
Fill form and click "Add"
Do the same for second user (for owner)
There are roles:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.