Deploy backend

Let's setup and deploy our cloud functions

Activate functions service on Firebase

  • go to Functions in the left menu on Firebase

  • then start to use it by clicking «upgrade» button and then skip modal and click «purchase»

  • close modal

  • click «get started»

  • click «continue» in modal, click «finish» on next step in modal

Set up a project

Get your project id from settings of your Firebase project

Change project id in .firebaserc in default property to your project name from firebase project settings:

      "default": "[PASTE YOUR PROJECT ID]"

Deploy cloud functions

At first, let's setup firebase CLI as mentioned in official docs:

$ npm install -g firebase-tools

You'll need a Node.js environment to write functions, and you'll need the Firebase CLI to deploy functions to the Cloud Functions runtime. For installing Node.js and npm, Node Version Manager is recommended.

Then, move to functions folder:

$ cd functions

And make deploy:

$ firebase deploy --only functions

Adding host name for calling functions from front-end

Go to functions in Firebase and copy host name from function url.

Then, paste it into to hostname const:


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